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LGBT Advice Centre

We've compiled a comprehensive selection of advice and information, covering everything from advice for parents of LGBT people to bullying and hate crime reporting.

  • Know your rights

    Find out about your rights as a young person and learn about the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

    View Know your rights
  • Coming out

    We've created two guides on 'coming out' to help you think about your sexual orientation or gender identity.

    View Coming out
  • Bullying

    Get advice on bullying, with resources from our partner organisation respectme.

    View Bullying
  • Mental health

    1 in 4 people experience poor mental health at some time in their lives. Find out more about mental health here.

    View Mental health
  • Sex and relationships

    Looking after our sexual health is a crucial part of staying happy and well. Here are some ways to equip yourself with the facts. 

    View Sex and relationships
  • Hate crime

    Find out about what constitutes a hate crime or hate incident and how to report it here.

    View Hate crime
  • Parents, carers and families

    Find out more about organisations that exist to support the parents, carers and families of LGBTI young people.

    View Parents, carers and families
  • Make a referral

    Here are the key contacts for getting support for a young person around their sexual orientation or gender identity.

    View Make a referral

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